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Dr. Ludy Green Honored by Congressional Leader

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Lauds work for abused women as part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

WASHINGTON, October 25, 2012 -- U.S. Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.) has recognized Dr. Ludy Green and her nonprofit Second Chance Employment Services for their exemplary work in empowering women victimized by domestic abuse.

 “I want to recognize the extraordinary work done by this organization, and its founder Ludy Green. SCES offers survivors of domestic violence counseling and individualized job training services. SCES provides these women with both emotional support and the resources needed for financial security,”

Schakowsky said in recent remarks in the Congressional Record as part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which President Obama has declared for this October. Schakowsky serves in the House Democratic leadership as Chief Deputy Whip. "Abuse of women by husbands, live-in partners and boyfriends is an ongoing societal ill, but has increased in many areas of the U.S. during the stagnant economy,” Green says Four million women are victimized by domestic violence every year, and three women die from abuse each year. Women aged 16-24 are the most vulnerable, but violence affects Americans regardless of gender, age, income, sexual orientation, race or religion. Some women are even prisoners of human trafficking, Green says.

Founded in 2001, Second Chance empowers women victims of domestic abuse with financial independence by providing comprehensive employment placement services and training. The nonprofit even provides dental work, cosmetic surgery and psychological counseling for women who were severely beaten and traumatized.

All services are free of charge.

This visionary business model promotes meaningful employment as the most-important element women need to escape domestic abuse and build new lives. Second Chance is the first and only nonprofit, private-sector agency with this sole focus.

SCES has trained hundreds of women and placed them into meaningful, career-track jobs with top-tier companies such as Fannie Mae, Capital One, Pepco, SunTrust Bank, PWC, George Washington University, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Washington Gas.

Abused women often have few job skills, and have little or no money to build new lives. Even women with impressive career backgrounds and advanced degrees may lack the confidence to leave often-violent relationships. With many government social-service agencies slashing budgets in this recession, private nonprofits such as Second Chance play a vital and growing role in helping at-risk women gain meaningful jobs that allow them to lead independent, abuse-free lives.

Combating domestic violence requires a coordinated national effort, Green and Schakowsky agree. “We must do everything we can to combat these unconscionable acts and support victims of this horrible crime,” Schakowsky said in honoring Second Chance and urging passage of the Violence Against Women Act this year. If you want to learn more about Second Chance Employment Services go to our website or if you want to have Dr. Green as your keynote speaker at your next event go to

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