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3 Women 3 Lives Launches on Domestic violence month

OCtober 3, 2012

For Immediate Release

October 3rd , 2012

Contact: Melody Reynolds,

Subject: “3 Women 3 Lives Launches on Domestic violence month”

Los Angeles, CA--October is Domestic Violence Month and actress Louise Stratten, college football athlete Katie Hnida, and Dr. Ludy Green, President and Founder of Second Chance Employment Services join the stage in the fight against Domestic violence. These three pioneers have been combatting domestic violence for over 20 years and each have a compelling story behind their personal drive against this scourge on society. Their integrated presentation, Three Women Three Lives, tells of rape, murder and long-term abuse in the home. The purpose of this initiative is to raise funds for domestic violence causes in a time of US economic downturn that has caused a spike in domestic violence across the US while economically devastating non-profit providers of victim support services.

These three champions on domestic violence come out and share their personal experiences and lessons learned to encourage and equip others to overcome and join the fight against domestic violence.

Dr. Ludy Green, Katie Hnida and Louise Stratten have each experienced domestic abuse first hand. In the wake of their traumatic events, they have become passionate, effective and nationally known advocates for abused and at-risk women. These thought leaders speak both domestically and internationally -- raising awareness and offering practical ways women can free themselves from the grip of abuse. Three Journeys Three Lives merges into one saga the crisis, despair, resilience, victory, and advocacy these ladies have lived to help create a safer world for women and girls.

During Domestic violence they will be presenting their program and their approach to combat violence through their unique model on national television as well as Universities, Corporations and schools. If you are interested in having them to speak at your event or conference refer to their website or call Melody Reynolds at 202-966-1214 or email her at


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