Building STRONGER GENERATIONS for at-risk women

Client Partners

Our client partners provide referrals for women who are in need of support, and they also serve as a key link between Second Chance and the community.  Second Chance partners with women’s shelters and centers, rehabilitative programs, domestic-violence prevention agencies, churches, and social-service agencies in the District of Columbia metropolitan area to provide professional employment services, free of charge, to financially at-risk women.


Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Arlington Community Temporary Shelter
Asian Self Help Association (ASHA)
Bethany House of Falls Church
Break the Chain Campaing                                                                                                                                                Canaan Baptist Church
Carpenter's Shelter
Calvary Bilingual Multicultural Learning Center
Centro Catolico Hispano
Columbia Baptist Church
Council of Latino Agencies
Crossway Community, Inc. 
District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc 
Fairfax County Women's Shelter
Fairfax Victim Assistance Network
Family Crisis Center, Inc.
Gray Graphics
Heart's Place Shelter
Hermanas Unidas
House of Ruth
Ibero American Chamber of Commerce
Jewish Women International
Just Neighbors
Latin American Youth Center
Latin Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)
Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter
Martha's Place
Mission of Love
My Sister's Place
N Street Village
New Endeavors By Women
Northern Virginia Family Services
Samaritan House
Second Genesis
Shiloh Baptist Church
Spanish Education Development (SED) Center
St. Matthews United Methodist Church in Bowie, Maryland
Stepping Stones Shelter
Suited for Change
Survivors and Advocates For Empowerment - SAFE  
The Arlington Community Temporary Shelter (TACTS)
The Connect Study Group
The Domestic violence center of Howard County
The Falls Episcopal Church
The Women's Center 
Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International
Trinity United Methodist Church
United Planning Organization (UPO)
WEAVETrinity United Methodist Church
United Planning Organization (UPO)
Wider Opportunities for Women

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